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Working Out the Hezbollah Problem

As the U.S. continues its push for peace in the Middle East, there is a particular problem facing it and its greatest ally, Israel. Writing at Israel Hayom, Jonathan Tobin says that the U.S. must get tough on both Iran and Russia if it hopes to curb the growing problem of Hezbollah in the region:

Hezbollah dominates Lebanon. It also ‎provides the shock troops for what the Times aptly terms a "war without borders" ‎in which Iran has advanced its claim for regional hegemony. It is now a major ‎obstacle to more than U.S. President Donald Trump's vain desire to broker the "ultimate deal" between ‎Israel and the Palestinians as well as the spearhead of the Iranian regime's foreign ‎policy and international terrorism.‎..

The most recent evidence for Iran consolidating its power is the recent decision of ‎Hamas to bend the knee to Tehran after years of conflict rooted in the Syrian civil ‎war. Having backed the losers in Syria and seeing Iran's growing power, Hamas ‎wants to go back to the pre-2011 situation when Tehran lavished money and arms ‎on Gaza. Combined with Hezbollah's strengthened position on Israel's northern ‎border and its presence in Syria, this gives Iran the ability to mount what is, in ‎effect, a three-front war on Israel whenever it chooses.‎..

Trump must confront the contradiction at the heart of ‎his foreign policy. Until he understands that you can't simultaneously get tough on ‎Iran while appeasing Russia, the growing Hezbollah problem will continue to ‎threaten both Israel and the United States.‎

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