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The Fight Against ISIS Is Far from Over

Western-backed forces continue to defeat Islamic State (ISIS) fighters on battlefields across the Middle East, but the fight is not over. Israel Hayom's Yoav Limor writes that ISIS is inspiring more and more terrorist attacks around the world - bloody jobs for which it takes credit:

The latest terrorist attacks in Europe, claimed by the Islamic State group, suggest that the terrorist group is far from being defeated. The natural conclusion is that a military defeat on the ground is far from enough to snuff out the idea behind the Islamic State group. This idea continues to inspire countless Muslims around the world.

The attacks themselves have very different characteristics. In Russia and in Finland these were lone attackers who stabbed their victims. In Spain, it was a terrorist cell that used a vehicle as an improvised weapon when its original plan to detonate gas canisters was foiled. The common thread is the profile of the attackers -- young immigrants or descendants of immigrants, of a low socio-economic background, seeking to kill all "infidels."

These attacks are not the product of some master plan, and that is ISIS's greatest advantage. In the past we were faced with a different kind of terrorism: Palestinian terrorists in the 1970s, anarchist groups in Europe, Hezbollah, al-Qaida -- all these groups had masterminds who devised the attacks and sent operatives to carry them out, providing them with instruction and resources. ISIS doesn't do any of that. It only inspires. Anyone who takes the ISIS ideology and translates it into terrorism, anywhere and in any manner, is welcome. The group claims credit in retrospect and uses it to recruit future terrorists...

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