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The End of Terror Tunnels?

IDF soldier looking into tunnel (Photo: flickr/IDF)

As witnessed in the recent discovery and demolition of an Islamic Jihad terror tunnel - not to mention the underground barrier currently being constructed along the Gaza border - the IDF's methods of dealing with this particular form of attack are becoming more and more effective. Ynet News' Alex Fishman looks at whether the IDF's countermeasures will be enough to make Israel's terrorist enemies stop digging:

Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot’s main work directive to the IDF for 2018, the last year of his term, is to destroy all border-crossing tunnels—both those Israel is aware of and those it isn’t aware of yet—which have been dug or are being dug from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Eisenkot was able to issue such an order due to the fact that three years after Operation Protective Edge, the army has obtained the technology and the means to allow an effective detection and destruction of tunnels in general and of border-crossing tunnels in particular...

The chief of staff’s order is clear: If a tunnel is uncovered, it will be destroyed. A tunnel will face the same fate as weapons smuggled from Syria to Hezbollah. And another tunnel will surely be uncovered...

The realization that something on the Israeli side has changed began in early 2017: Israel has knowledge and new abilities. Today, after the tunnel demolition, part of the military leadership of Gaza’s terror organizations feels the tunnel era is coming to an end and that it would be illogical to keep investing huge sums in them now that Israel has an effective response to them, not to mention the underground barrier being built along the border as a response to the tunnels.

The Hamas leadership should assume that if Israel knows how to locate and destroy offensive tunnels, it may also have the ability to locate the network of defensive tunnels in Gaza, spanning tens of kilometers through the length and breadth of the strip. Gaza’s primary defense is based on those tunnels. If Israel reaches those tunnels as well, Hamas won’t only face financial bankruptcy, but a collapse of its military strategy as well.

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