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Terrorist Territories Produce Terrorism

As usual, the international community has blamed Israel for the violence along her border with Gaza. However, Charles Bybelezer writes at The Jerusalem Post, the reality is that the terrorist violence was caused by the terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip:

Since assuming power in the Strip just over a decade ago, Hamas and Israel have fought three major conflicts—the last being the fifty-day confrontation in the summer of 2014—interspersed by the unprovoked firing of thousands rockets at Israeli cities; the construction of a network of subterranean attack tunnels stretching into Israeli territory; and the kidnapping of numerous Israeli soldiers and civilians. This, as Hamas has reigned over Gaza with an iron fist, consistently using its "subjects" as a collective human shield and squandering hundreds of millions of dollars on its war machine that instead could have been spent with a view to alleviating the humanitarian plight in the enclave.

Yet, when another round of hostilities inevitably breaks out, so too does the same old international chorus of refrains ranging from "independent investigations" and "restraint by both sides" to accusations that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians. And this by actors that seemingly should be capable of digesting the simple fact that terrorist-run territories invariably produce terrorism.

And that, as a tragic corollary, people are going to die.

"Hamas' purpose was to see much more bloodshed and to inflame the whole area," according to Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Israel Ziv, formerly the head of the IDF's Operations Directorate. "Also, the Arab world has forgotten about Gaza and the Palestinians in general. The events of this weekend were geared mostly towards getting attention because Hamas is in a desperate situation.
"The question of whether Israel acted correctly must be viewed in this context," he elaborated to The Media Line, "and in this case there were casualties but things could have been much worse. It is unfortunate that deaths occurred but the incident was contained. Overall, it was the right deployment [of force by Israel]..."

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