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Palestinians Praise Terror Attack

As we told you in today's Daily Dispatch, PM Netanyahu has condemned Palestinian praise of Friday's vicious murder of a young Israeli policewoman outside Jerusalem's Old City gates. Gatestone Institute's Bassam Tawil looks at the Palestinian response more closely - both Fatah's celebration and the official silence from Mahmoud Abbas - writing that it continues the Palestinians' campaign of anti-Israel incitement and violence:

For many Palestinians, the stabbing murder of a 23-year-old Israeli Border Police officer in Jerusalem on June 16 is an act of "heroism" that proves that the "revolution against the Zionist entity will continue until the liberation of Palestine, from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river."

For many Palestinians, the three terrorists who murdered the young woman, Hadas Malka, are "heroes" and "martyrs" who will be rewarded by Allah in Paradise.

President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Authority (PA), which is funded by Americans and Europeans, has once again chosen to maintain silence following a terror attack perpetrated by Palestinians. This silence of Abbas and his PA leadership, specifically their refusal to condemn the terror attack, can only be interpreted as an endorsement of the killing of Jews.

Moreover, in a move reminiscent of a demented Alice in Wonderland, Abbas's ruling Fatah faction, which is often described by Westerners as "moderate" and "pragmatic," publicly blasted Israel for killing the three terrorists who murdered the policewoman and wounded several others.

In a statement published in Ramallah shortly after the terror attack, Fatah "condemned the Israeli occupation forces for killing three young Palestinian men in East Jerusalem." It said that the killing of the three terrorists "proves that the Israeli government is pursuing its policy of escalation." Fatah called on the international community to "seriously look into providing protection for the defenseless Palestinian people."

The Fatah statement failed to mention that the three Palestinian "young men" were armed with knives and a homemade submachine gun. Nor did Fatah mention a word about the Border Police officer who was stabbed to death in the terror attack...

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