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Palestinians: Americans Now Targets

The Palestinian propaganda machine continues to incite violence against both Israel and the United States, even as it resorts to extortion in order to gain American financial support. Gatestone Institute's Bassam Tawil writes that Palestinian leadership is threatening violence against Americans unless the U.S. pays them protection money:

The anti-US rhetoric has come from Palestinians representing all walks of life -- from the most senior, including President Mahmoud Abbas, to ordinary citizens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and from secular groups such as the ruling Fatah faction to extremist Islamist organizations such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

If there is anything that unites the vast majority of Palestinians, it is their hatred of the Trump administration's representatives and policies.

It is hard to find even one Palestinian who is prepared to say a good word about the US administration or its policies, especially with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Now, however, it is official: Palestinians view the US as an enemy. Even more worrying, some Palestinians even see US citizens and officials as "legitimate targets" for violent assaults. It does not seem to matter to these Palestinians whether the Americans they are targeting have come to help them or express sympathy with their cause...

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