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Nothing Is Sacred

Friday's terror attack at the Temple Mount not only cost the lives of two brave Israeli police officers, but led to the closing of the holy site over the weekend. Israel Hayom's Dr. Reuven Berko writes that this only illustrates the irony of Israel working to protect the Holy Land's holiest spots, while Palestinian terrorists seek to destroy the very places they claim to hold dear:

The Palestinians, a new people without any heritage of their own country or capital city, are appropriating Al-Aqsa mosque, which is holy to all Muslims, for political leverage and claiming that Israel is scheming to destroy it. The shooting attack on the Temple Mount on Friday, in which two Israeli policemen were murdered, reminded us all that in the doctrine of Islamist terrorist, no Islamic site is sacred.

Going back to the riots that raged before the establishment of the state, the Palestinians treated the Temple Mount as a "religious trigger" that could be used to whip the masses into a fury of violence against the Jewish community. Every time the Palestinians are in trouble, they go back and turn up the flames at the Temple Mount with the lie -- of which Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and the Islamic Movement in Umm al-Fahm (the outlawed Northern Branch) are so fond -- that Israel is planning to topple Al-Aqsa.

While Israel is using the best methods at its disposal to secure Al-Aqsa, the Palestinians treat the mosque in a contemptuous, subversive manner, using is as a nexus for religious incitement to terrorism against Israel, the goal being the damage and casualties that would result from an apocalyptic religious conflict between Islam and Judaism. The terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, which put the mosque and the worshippers who were there in danger, shows the Palestinians' destructive attitude toward Islamic holy sites, as well as how they thumb their noses at Jordan's role as supervisor of the Temple Mount mosques...

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