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London Attack Marks Go-to Method of Choice of Today's Terrorists

England, and the rest of the free world, are in mourning today after the horrific terrorist attack in London that left three dead and dozens injured. But such an attack is becoming more and more frequent The Jerusalem Post reports - as seen in Berlin this past Christmas, and in Nice last summer - vehicular terrorism that is already common in Israel:

Militants are increasingly turning to vehicle-ramming attacks, like the one staged near Britain's parliament on Wednesday, because they are cheap, easy to organize and hard to prevent.

Experts say the tactic of mowing people down avoids the need to obtain any explosives or weapons and can be carried out by a "lone-wolf" attacker without using a network of fellow militants - all lessening the risk of alerting security agencies.

"This kind of attack doesn't need special preparation, it is very low-cost, within anybody's reach," said Sebastien Pietrasanta, a French Socialist lawmaker and terrorism expert.

"It is often a case of individual action," he told Reuters. "They can be quite spontaneous..."

Vehicle attacks are not a new tactic in the Middle East.

In 2008, a Palestinian rammed a bulldozer into vehicles on a Jerusalem street before a visit by then US presidential candidate Barack Obama, wounding at least 16 people.

Another Palestinian drove his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in January this year, killing four of them in an attack that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was likely to have been inspired by Islamic State.

Former senior CIA analyst Paul Pillar said that, while concern had long focused on "sophisticated or high-tech methods of terrorist attack, the most readily available methods for killing a lot of innocent people have always been simple and require no sophistication or training.

"This includes mowing people down with a vehicle on any crowded city street. Locations might be chosen that have some other political or religious significance - such as a Christmas market, or the vicinity of a national parliament - but there always are vulnerable public places with lots of people," he said...

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