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Is Iran Trying to Drag Israel into a Gaza War?

Unlike much violence directed at Israel, this week's rocket attack launched from Gaza was quickly denied by the Strip's main terror organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This leads Israel Hayom's Assaf Golan to ponder the possibility that Iran or other groups were directly behind the violence against the Jewish state:

"There is only one element that wants to see a war in ‎the Gaza Strip right now, and that is Iran," former National Security Adviser Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror noted. "So we have to ask ‎ourselves which of their proxies in Gaza have long-range rockets, then counter them."

It would be a "very big mistake," he warned, if Israel were to "fall into the Iranian trap and launch a military operation in Gaza. That would play directly into the Iranians' hands..."‎

Bar-‎Ilan University Middle Eastern Studies Department's Dr. Yehuda Balanga, an expert on Syria and Egypt, ‎believes there are other parties in Gaza who wish to capitalize on Israel and Egypt's obvious interest in a Gaza truce.

‎"Hamas may be the sovereign in Gaza, but there are ‎more radical forces on the ground, and while Hamas ‎tries to rein them in, these organizations have ‎their own agenda and they see every attack on Israel ‎as a great victory," he said...

‎"Everyone knows that despite the attempts to ‎postpone the inevitable, Israel will eventually ‎launch another military campaign in Gaza. This means ‎that these radicals have nothing to lose. Whatever ‎the scenario – they will survive and will most ‎likely be hailed as heroes by the Gazans. That's why ‎they fire rockets," he concluded.

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