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Iran and the Great Satan

Anti-America mural in Iran (Photo: flickr/kamshots)

We see - and fear - the growing influence of Iran in so many places. From its influence in the Syrian civil war to its support of Hezbollah, which has now taken the whole nation of Lebanon hostage. From its funding of Hamas to its insistence on continuing to pursue nuclear arms. Gatestone Institute's Amir Taheri looks at why Iran continues its anti-American assault:

As the US Congress seeks new ways of tightening the screws on Iran, the Tehran leadership remains prisoner to old illusions. Most of those illusions are centered on the United States, which has frightened and fascinated the mullahs since they seized power almost 40 years ago.

The mullahs are frightened of the US because their view of history is shaped by their belief in conspiracy theories. They regard the US as a heavily-centralized diabolical machine controlled by a small coterie of conspirators, determined to rule the world. Internal political fights in the US are seen as part of a carefully scripted scenario to confuse the outside world.

According to one prominent mullah, President Donald Trump is "playing mad on advice from Henry Kissinger, with the aim of frightening the Muslims." According to another leading mullah, even the duel between Trump and Hillary Clinton was "nothing but a show to confuse the world."

At times, the US is depicted as "on the verge of destruction" because of its "lack of morality and deep-rooted corruption". At other times, it is the "Great Satan"...

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