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Iran Drone Revelation Shows Grave Threat to Israel

Late last week, Stand for Israel reported to you that the Iranian drone downed by the IDF in earlier this year was armed with explosives. Now, The Times of Israel's founding editor, David Horovitz, takes a closer look at why this threat from an emboldened Iran is so dangerous to the Jewish state:

Two months after an Israeli Apache helicopter shot down an Iranian drone dispatched from Syria, 30 seconds after it crossed into Israeli airspace, Israel’s military censors on Friday finally allowed local media to report that the drone was not merely taking surveillance footage, but was carrying explosives and was primed to attack and damage an unspecified target somewhere in Israel.

The timing of the revelation — which was accompanied by the Israeli Air Force’s release of footage showing the Apache downing the infiltrating Iranian drone — was plainly linked to a potent attack, carried out pre-dawn Monday, that reportedly caused substantial damage to a facility Iran has been building at the T-4 air base in central Syria, and from which that drone was launched on February 10...

Iran is now sufficiently emboldened as to directly attack Israel. The February drone attack was the first direct Iranian confrontation with Israel, after years of it employing Lebanese and Palestinian proxies to target the Jewish state from Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. That attack had real cost for Israel, which lost an F-16 in retaliatory raids later that same day...

If Israelis might better understand now why their leaders and security chiefs allegedly saw an imperative to act on Monday, the potential repercussions, as discussed at length by the primetime Hebrew news shows’ top defense analysts on Friday night, will have been deeply discomfiting...

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