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In This War, Anything Goes

This week, we have not only learned of Iran's continued plans to attack Israel, but of Israel's effective defensive measures, as well. For now, good seems to be winning over evil, Yoav Limor writes at JNS, pointing out that Iran has met few of its goals and has failed to exact a price against Israel for both her overt and covert operations:

Efforts to solidify its foothold and place missiles in western Iraq, to send shipments of arms to Lebanon and the installation of precision missile factories that were attacked in Syria on Tuesday are all just a fraction of Iran’s activities in the region.

These steps (which have been reported; we can assume there’s quite a bit more that is known but hasn’t been revealed) point mainly to one thing: Iranian determination to pursue the course of action plotted by the regime in Tehran. This plan is executed by the Quds Force under the command of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani—unquestionably and unrivaled as the most dangerous person in the world.

Standing between Iran and the successful implementation of its plan is Israel. More than a few players are helping it, chief among them the United States, but the brunt of the work, as we saw yet again on Tuesday, is done by Israel. It has hit around 200 Iranian targets in Syria since January of 2017, with some 800 missiles and bombs.

In this war, everything goes. From attacks such as the one attributed to Israel on Tuesday, which curiously took place in broad daylight, to the various reports that have appeared in the foreign press, which we can assume don’t reach those news desks by chance. The bottom line is that Iran is the source of evil in the region, and comprehensive action is required to stop it...

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