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In Praise of Professor Walid Phares

Walid Phares in D.C. with Yael, Penny Nance, and Erick Stakelbeck, May 2015 (Photo: IFCJ)

Much has been said in the media as of late about Dr. Walid Phares, a respected scholar, Middle East analyst, Christian, and the national security adviser for both Mitt Romney and Donald Trump - as well as a co-speaker with Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein at a conference on persecuted Christians on Capitol Hill. Writing at The Jerusalem Post, IDF and Mossad veteran Yair Ravid defends Dr. Phares against attacks made by those who sympathize with Islamist propaganda:

Ben Lynfield, writing on November 16 in The Jerusalem Post (“Who is Walid Phares, Trump’s Mideast adviser?”), sets out a series of absurd accusations against Dr. Walid Phares, who served as foreign policy adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump and as national security adviser for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2011-2012.

Phares is a well-respected scholar and analyst in the US whose expertise in Middle East affairs is widely recognized and well received in US defense, intelligence and national security circles as well as in Congress, where he has testified and advised for two decades, as public archives show. A former chair of the subcommittee on intelligence in the US House of Representatives considers Phares one of the best strategic minds in the world on US national security...

Naturally attacks have poured in against Phares from the various foes of the United States and the West, particularly from pro-Iranian and Muslim Brotherhood operatives, and at times far-leftist bloggers. Since 2011, the campaign against Phares has aimed consistently at keeping his advice as far as possible from influencing US policy in a way that could affect the interests of these parties, those who abhor Israel and the moderate Arabs in the region. Most use the same talking points and smear charges used by the pro-Hezbollah and Islamist propagandists in 2011 and 2016...

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