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How Hezbollah Keeps Up Hostilities Against Israel

Hezbollah flag on jeep in Syria near Lebanese border, August 2, 2017 (Photo: Louai Beshara/Getty)

At the end of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, the United Nations passed a resolution to end hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah. But the Lebanese terror group hasn't followed said resolution. The IDF's blog explains how Hezbollah has violated these guidelines:

Hezbollah uses several methods to disrupt the activity of UNIFIL forces. Hezbollah militants who have been caught carrying out operations, gathering intelligence, and transferring arms have reportedly provoked and disrupted the peacekeeping forces...

Hezbollah has over 120,000 missiles in its arsenal, including long-range rockets that can reach the length of the State of Israel. Also in their stockpile are drones, advanced anti-ship missiles, and aerial defense systems. While Hezbollah is a Lebanese political party, they maintain separate weaponry. These advanced weapons don’t belong to Lebanon, but Hezbollah, which violates UN Resolution 1701...

Hezbollah was founded on Iranian influence and has kept close ties ever since. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Quds Force oversees Hezbollah. They supervise preparations for the next war and training of commanders and fighters. There are Iranian officials responsible for specific units within Hezbollah. IRGC’s Quds Force’s leadership positions in Hezbollah makes them foreign forces within Lebanon...

Hezbollah depends on Iranian financial and ballistic support finance and arms. Hezbollah has a sophisticated smuggling system to get weapons from Iran, through Syria. Once in Lebanon, arms are distributed and stored in Shia dominated areas such as Beirut, the Beqaa Valley, and the south. Iran gives Hezbollah advanced drones, anti-ship missiles, long-range missiles, and air defense systems...

Hezbollah’s mission states that Shiite villages are designed battlefields. Hundreds of arms depots, thousands of militants, and tens of thousands of rockets are distributed throughout Southern Lebanon. Hezbollah uses civilian buildings in Southern Lebanese villages as military outposts. Command and control posts are right in the middle of civilian areas; near schools, hospitals, and mosques. Hezbollah has used and continues to use the Lebanese people as a strategic advantage in anticipation of any future conflict with the IDF.

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