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Hamas Preparing Its 'Victory Picture'

Each Friday, rioters from Gaza have been flocking to the Israeli border to protest against Israel, as well as against the U.S. upcoming embassy move to the Holy City, Jerusalem. But the terrorists behind these protests have ulterior motives. Ynet News' Alex Fishman writes that Hamas is hoping for such chaos that hundreds of Palestinians will be killed - deaths they can blame on the IDF - and that many more will breach the border fence and run amok in southern Israel:

They call it “The March of Return.” We refer to the military activity on the Gaza border fence as “the gatekeepers.” These are two sides of the same coin. They march, we guard. They initiate, and Israel responds.

In the past week, Israeli officials have been trying to create the impression that “the gatekeepers” have overpowered the “March of Return.” Fewer people are flocking to the the fence protests; Hamas has failed. That’s a dangerous delusion.

In recent days, the Palestinians have advanced their jumping-off points towards the border and set up tents 100-200 meters from the fence. Up until recently, the five meeting points, which included large tents, were located more than 700 meters away.

Palestinian media are presenting the new deployment as “broadcasts from the front,” showing ambulances and civilian vehicles moving closer and closer to fence. The sight of Palestinian vehicles right on the borderline with Israel is something that has not been seen in the area for a long time.

According to Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam, “teams for breaking through the fence” have been training under the auspices of “the organizers”—in other words, Hamas—and are supposed to throw hooks at the fence and pull it down until it collapses. Parts of the looped barbed fence installed by Israel along the border have already been removed in different places. The Palestinian side has also appointed teams to “handle” the gas grenades and has built sort of catapults to launch Molotov cocktails at Israeli fields.

The main goal of the riots, orchestrated by Hamas, was and remains to break through the fence, allowing hundreds and thousands of civilians to run into Israeli territory. That’s the “victory picture” Hamas is looking for ahead of Nakba Day on May 15...

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