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Hamas Is Jealous of Hezbollah

In the dozen years since the Second Lebanon War of 2006, Israel's northern border has been relatively quiet — especially compared to the south. But while Hezbollah remains quiet when compared to its fellow terror group, Hamas, it continues to shore up its military capabilities. This impasse between the Lebanese terrorist organization and the Israeli military, Eyal Zisser writes at JNS, has made the Gaza-based Hamas envious, as it continues to be pounded by the IDF for its terrorist actions:

It is true that Hezbollah has been using this peace ‎and quiet to build up its missile arsenal. It is ‎believed that the Shi’ite terrorist group is ‎currently in possession of more than 100,000 missiles—10 times more than it had in 2006—and it is no ‎secret that it currently strives to increase their ‎range and improve their accuracy.‎

Still, Hezbollah has made sure to avoid any ‎provocation along the border. The memory of the blow ‎Israel dealt it is still fresh, as is the memory of ‎the humiliation suffered by its leader, Hassan ‎Nasrallah...

In Gaza, however, Israeli deterrence has ‎been eroded, at times to the point of seeming ‎hollow, and the last few weeks have taught us that ‎deterrence is not enough to prevent rocket fire and ‎flare-ups on the border. ‎

Hamas may avoid, at this time, firing rockets deeper ‎into Israel, but it does not hesitate to fire a ‎barrage of mortar shells and Qassam rockets at ‎Israeli border-adjacent communities. Israel, for its ‎part, has opted to exercise restraint, and while it ‎does not carry out lethal attacks in Gaza, ‎it has been pounding Hamas positions there.‎

In recent weeks, it seems that Hamas has become ‎envious of the equation reached with Hezbollah and ‎seeks to impose a similar one on the Gaza border, ‎meaning to deny the Israel Defense Forces its operational freedom ‎along the security fence by way of cementing a ‎reality in which any Israeli strike in Gaza would ‎trigger a rocket salvo on the south...

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