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Bibi and Obama's Last Goodbye

President Obama and PM Netanyahu (Photo: White House/Pete Souza)

In the United States to speak at the United Nations on Thursday, PM Netanyahu is also meeting President Obama for the last time in Obama's presidency. The Times of Israel's David Horovitz writes that Netanyahu will come to the meeting feeling vindicated on two issues about which the leaders disagreed - the Palestinians and Iran:

Current affairs would appear for now to be vindicating Netanyahu’s conviction that in our part of the world, and a good way beyond, only the strong survive, over Obama’s more conciliatory strategies. The Muslim world, despite the president’s consistent efforts at outreach, has not mellowed; its moderates have not galvanized to drown out its extremists. Non-intervention in Syria has enabled Bashar Assad to keep on massacring his people by the hundreds of thousands, reducing that country to a bloody anarchy in which each vicious group of killers seeks to outdo the other in brutality.

The US, along with much of Europe, are having to fight a surge in terrorism now. Historians will judge how much of the current upsurge can be traced to that determined effort at non-intervention in Syria — and the consequent stream of departing refugees, extremists among them. Dismally, the Obama-led West is learning the truth of that aphorism about the Middle East being the dinner guest that simply won’t go home, no matter how much you try to ignore it.

Meanwhile Iran, despite being allowed to retain parts of its rogue nuclear program under last year’s accord, has not warmed in any substantive way to the free world or to free-world values. Quite the contrary. Its leadership castigates the United States on a near-daily basis, continues to seek the destruction of Israel, creates havoc throughout the region, oppresses its people — tyranny-as-usual. And it can now also wait out the nuclear deal’s sunset clauses and seek the bomb...

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