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Bibi: We Are Here Thanks to Them

Today, Israel came to a stop to remember her fallen soldiers and victims of terror. And, Ynet News reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at his nation's annual ceremony at Mt. Herzl cemetery in Jerusalem, saying that the Jewish state would not exist if not for those who so selflessly gave their lives:

"The people's love is given to your fallen loved ones and our fallen loved ones every day, especially today," Prime Minister Netanyahu told the bereaved families at the state ceremony, which took place for the first time at the new memorial hall unveiled last year.

Netanyahu went on to mention Private Moshe Israel Heiman, who was killed in a War of Independence battle in Jerusalem and his great grandson, Second Lieutenant Yuval Heiman, who was killed in Operation Protective Edge. According to the prime minister, "Moshe Israel Heiman, could have been discharged from service as a man with a family, yet he chose to stand guard day and night and face enemy fire.

"Moshe Israel Heiman suffered a lethal blow from a Jordanian shell. Paratroopers officer, Second Lieutenant Yuval Heiman, was killed four years ago. The battle Yuval participated in near Kibbutz Nir Am prevented a major terrorist attack. In a continuation of heroism, a legacy of heroism, the great grandfather was killed in 1948 and the great grandson was killed three generations later. They both acknowledged that our existence can only be secured by firmly standing against those seeking to destroy us while willing to pay the price of the battle.

"All of us—Jews, Druze, Christians, Muslims, Bedouin and Circassians—stand together against the terror fanatics threatening to destroy us, and together we'll keep defeating them," the prime minister said.

He said an IDF orphan had asked him earlier this week about his thoughts while sending soldiers to battle. "I told him that I think about the security of the state and its citizens, I think about the soldiers, I think about you and families like your family which might pay the heaviest price of all. I think about my brothers in arms who died beside me, about David Ben Hamo of Be'er Sheva who died in my arms.

"I always think about the price and how to prevent deaths, and at the same time I know that without the heroism and sacrifice of our fighters, our existence can't be secured. At moments of truth, we must defend our existence firmly, stand up to our enemies like a fortified wall. We are here thanks to the 23,646 fallen soldiers, whose names are on this wall..."

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