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BDS: Modern Day Blood Libel

Boycott Israel sign at anti-Israel rally (Photo: flickr/[email protected])

Those of us who stand for Israel are committed to resisting the movement to boycott the Jewish state. Writing at Yediot Achronot, Robbie Friedmann and Asaf Romirowsky give an in-depth look at this "discriminatory, racist, and despicable" attempt to annihilate Israel:

The establishment of the State of Israel was met with fierce resistance by the surrounding Arab countries which in 1948 tried to obliterate the nascent county by war. That attempt failed, as did ensuing wars, particularly in 1967 and 1973. In addition to wars, the Arab countries—through the Arab League—declared an economic boycott against Israel (which continued the Arab boycott against the pre-1948 Jewish community in Palestine). The 1994 Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf ended its participation in the boycott, and since then the economic boycott no longer has a significant impact on Israel.

With the failure of military offensives against Israel and the failure of economic boycotts, a new form of a boycott re-emerged...

BDS constitutes the modern version of the old blood libel. It is targeting Jews and Israel (even if some vocal Jews are helping this effort). It ignores any transgressions in the Arab and Muslim worlds and other locations where major atrocities take place, and it is focused on national character assassination that is aimed to set the ground for the annihilation of Israel. It is time that the marketplace of ideas forthrightly reject such discriminatory, racist and despicable ideas.

Finally, we can no longer ignore the problem, wish it away, or hide from it. The onslaught is vigorous, well-funded and deadly serious. Therefore, joining forces against the BDS is important not only for Israel’s sake but for the sake of democracies anywhere in the world. Legislators, elected officials and civic associations have recently demonstrated the power of public resilience in the face of BDS activities and this way paved the way for an effective strategy. More should join in this effort.

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