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A Clear Message to Iran

As Stand for Israel reported in the Daily Dispatch, Israel responded to a Syrian drone incursion by not only targeting the drone, but carrying out airstrikes on three Syrian military bases. Writing at JNS, Yoav Limor explains how Israel is targeting the air-defense capabilities that Iran is trying to establish to Israel's north:

There was seemingly nothing new about the Israel Defense Forces’ alleged strike on the T4 air base ‎in southern Syria, Sunday night. According to ‎foreign media reports, Israel has targeted the base ‎more than once in the past year, and in some instances, ‎Jerusalem assumed responsibility for the airstrikes.

Yet nothing about it was routine—and not ‎just because it was carried out in such close ‎proximity to Russian forces stationed in Syria. If ‎the reports are correct, Israel knowingly insisted ‎on enforcing its red lines in Syria at a very ‎significant point in time—three days ahead of Israeli Prime ‎Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned meeting with ‎Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and ‎one week before Putin is set to meet with U.S. ‎President Donald Trump in Helsinki.‎

Since there are no coincidences in this world, the ‎alleged Israeli attack likely sought to send ‎an unequivocal message to both leaders. While ‎Netanyahu will likely reiterate this message in his ‎meeting with Putin (and his emissaries will do the ‎same with Trump), there is nothing like an airstrike ‎to get a point across. What Israel wants to make ‎clear is that it does not intend to compromise on ‎Iran’s presence in Syria and that if world ‎powers do not act on the matter, Israel will ‎continue to act on its own.‎..

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