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A Call to Call Off Paris Conference

Paris at sunset (Photo: flickr/alrom)

When representatives from more than 70 nations convene in Paris on Sunday for the latest "peace" summit, their hope is to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, write Col. Richard Kemp and Rafael L. Bardaji, the conference will not produce peace, but instead fuel more violence and mutual rejection between the two sides:

It is easy for the world to blame Israel for all its problems. It is easy for many leaders to blame Israel for the failure of the peace process with the ‎Palestinians.

It may be easy, but it's not correct. In fact, it's a ‎serious mistake.‎

It's also easy to think that the international community, multilateral organizations ‎such as the United Nations, or international conferences can impose a solution ‎on the parties and, voila, conflicts will be resolved. But if the parties aren't ‎willing, if the conflicts aren't ripe enough, there's no possible solution. In fact, ‎lasting peace, true peace, can only be the result of direct negotiations between ‎the parties involved and the agreements they freely reach.‎

Peace between Israelis and Palestinians does not need more plans or ‎conferences such as the one to be held in Paris on Jan. 15. What it does ‎require are two truly committed parties ready to negotiate.

Unfortunately, that's ‎not the case. For a few years now, those responsible in the Palestinian ‎Authority have chosen not to sit down and negotiate with the Israeli government. Instead, they have launched a unilateral campaign so that it will fall to the ‎international community to impose recognition as a sovereign state without ‎their having to make the typical concessions that negotiations entail.‎..

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