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Project Spotlight: The Fellowship Vehicle

Noam Moskowitz

The Fellowship Vehicle travels to remote locations where Israel’s brave soldiers undergo intensive training, and provides these warriors with a much-needed morale boost and some comfort to help them as they endure some of the harshest conditions and exercises in preparation for future conflicts.

The Fellowship Vehicle is equipped with two computers, a television, and outlets for charging phones. The vehicle is operated by volunteers who cheer the soldiers up, make them coffee, and offer them snacks and cold soft drinks. The vehicle is also equipped with picnic-style tables where the soldiers can take a break, enjoy the snacks and drinks provided by The Fellowship, and for a few moments during their grueling training, feel the abundant gratitude civilians have for the sacrifices they are making for their security. 

Throughout the year, the Fellowship Vehicle is very active in areas where Israel’s reserve soldiers undergo training. Israel’s army is mandatory, and soldiers who have completed the three-year service are required to take a month off a year for army training. This rigorous demand, which nearly all Israelis must meet, ensures that reservists, who make up the bulk of the IDF’s fighting force during combat, are continuously honing their fighting skills, so in case of war these warriors are immediately prepared to be called into action.

This takes a large toll on reservists and their families. Leaving work and your family behind to undergo severe training in remote locations can break a person down, especially when their loved ones and careers are abruptly abandoned. Therefore, the Fellowship Vehicle provides a ray of light and hope for the defenders of Zion.

In the recent wave of terror, where Jerusalem has become the battleground for Israel’s survival, the Fellowship Vehicle has been called into action in the capital city. Thousands of border police have been called up to protect the sacred city, whose people have been under constant terror attacks. These soldiers, many of whom have had to leave their families and work behind, patrol Jerusalem’s streets and holy sites to restore security.

The Fellowship Vehicle has been a home away from home for so many of these guardians of Jerusalem, whose faces light up the second they see our vehicle. “When we park near a group of border guards in Jerusalem who are on the frontline of our defense, we see how The Fellowship has breathed new life into these brave soldiers,” explained Nissim, who volunteers with the vehicle.

“These soldiers are being spit on by Palestinian women, Arab teenagers attack them with knives and axes, Molotov cocktails and boulders are dropped on their heads, and the minute they fight back, a whole entourage of international press is there to film the ‘brutality’ of our soldiers,” Nissim explained. “This breaks their morale and causes severe trauma for soldiers, many of whom only have the Fellowship Vehicle to provide them with some compassion and comfort while they face a vicious enemy.”

Israel is under attack and is feeling severely isolated, that is why the Fellowship Vehicle is so important for our soldiers. For when the international community, fueled by the media, labels our heroes as oppressors, the Fellowship Vehicle reminds them that Israel has many friends well beyond its borders who cherish, respect, and admire their service of protecting the Holy Land from the malicious evil which seeks its destruction.

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