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A Freedom Flight Pilot Shares His Inspiring Perspective

A recent Fellowship Freedom Flight took 170 new olim (immigrants) from Ukraine to Israel to begin a new life away from the continued violence and unrest in their homeland. Emmanuel Rosenzweig was the pilot of that flight, and shared with The Fellowship his impressions of that momentous journey.

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Why Jews’ Names Are Etched Onto Sidewalks Across Europe

You have to look closely, but across European cities you can find small brass plates with just a bit of information – a name, a date, and a fate – that pop up between cobblestones. The plaques – which commemorate those murdered by the Nazis – are placed where the person used to live or work. They serve as a powerful reminder of the lives lost.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Frieda

Faces of The Fellowship: Frieda

Frieda, an elderly Jewish woman Yael met on her recent trip to Ukraine, is still scarred by what she experienced during the Holocaust. Frieda is 94 years old, and her memory is jumbled because of her health and age. Yet, as she told her scattered stories of the Nazis, they all ended with her memory of “the blood, the blood."

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“I Am All Alone”

Watch this Holocaust survivor’s story right now on Facebook

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