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Reflections on Ukraine

In her weekly video update, Yael reflects on her recent trip to provide aid to Holocaust survivors in Ukraine and talks about Jewish life in the former Soviet Union.

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A Safe Haven

For women dealing with physical or verbal abuse at home by a loved one, speaking out or finding help can be difficult. Thankfully, Bet Melech, a Fellowship-supported women’s shelter for battered women and children, is the only shelter in Israel specifically for Orthodox Jewish women, giving them a safe haven where their religious values are respected. Writing for The Jerusalem Post, Carmit Sapir Weitz tells us more about the aid provided at this lifesaving shelter.

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Alumim Zhitomir students_14249853

Project Spotlight: Alumim Children's Home

Jewish children in Ukraine who have lost their parents or who come from poor or troubled families find much-needed love and stability at Fellowship-supported Alumim Children’s Home. Housing infants to young adults, the children’s home offers quality accommodations, intensive medical and psychological care, and an on-site Jewish day school. The loving staff seeks to ensure that the children are raised in a home, not an orphanage.

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Fellowship Volunteers Bring Cheer and Companionship

Immanuel lives alone in a small apartment. Unfortunately, the only visitor he has is his homecare aide, who visits him for three hours twice a week. While he feels so grateful to have someone to share a few hours with, he spends most of his time in loneliness - until Fellowship volunteers arrived at his door.

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: A Gentle Whisper

This week’s Torah portion doesn’t have the most exciting name. It is called mishpatim, the Hebrew word for “laws.” And yes, you guessed it, this week’s selection is all about laws – the rules and regulations for living a life defined by God’s Word and His will. In fact, there are over 50 laws listed in this selection!

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Build Your Passover Box Today

Give special blessings to destitute Jews by building your own customized food box!

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