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Children being transported to the death camp. (Henryk Ross/Art Gallery of Ontario, gift from the Archive of Modern Conflict/Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts)

Exhibit Trains Overdue Lens on Secret Record of Life Under Nazis

In a rare Holocaust photo exhibit running now, you will be able to view the photos of late Henryk Ross, who risked his life to capture in film the many horrors experienced in the Lodz ghetto. Ross buried his negatives and recovered them later after surviving the Holocaust. Now, they will be on display until July 2017 at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston, in a first ever showing in the United States.

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Jerusalem - ultra-Orthodox children

Passover Preparations in Jerusalem

Passover is less than a week away. To prepare for this holy season, Jews clean their homes from top to bottom, ensuring all traces of leaven bread – including the crumbs – have been washed away. Even the youngest members of the ultra-Orthodox part of Jerusalem are happy to help with the cleaning, making sure their tricycle and pedal car are ready for this special Jewish holiday. 

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: Catch the Flame

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing quite as warming and comforting as a roaring fire. But as anyone who has ever tried to light such a fire can attest, creating those picturesque fires is not so easy. If you simply set a lit match to logs, not much will happen. You first need to light smaller, more combustible elements like paper or tinder, and once they catch fire, it’s just a matter of time before the whole pile of logs is caught up in flames. Learn what spiritual lessons can be found in this process in today's devotional. 

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College Students Tour an Ultra-Orthodox Home

Writing in Tablet Magazine, Sara Toth Stub explains why new trend in Israeli tourism – home tours – is growing in popularity. Stub shows us what happens when a group of college kids visit a Haredi home in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Bukharim quarter.

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“I Am All Alone”

Watch this Holocaust survivor’s story right now on Facebook

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