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In First, 11 Soldiers with Disabilities Sworn into IDF

For the first time ever, an induction ceremony was held for 11 soldiers with developmental disabilities who will serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Their parents and loved ones gathered around as the young graduates from a special needs school in central Israel were sworn in on Monday.

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: A Holiday Called Passover

Perhaps you have wondered why the holiday is called Passover. Sure, we know that the name comes from the plague of the firstborn when the angel of death “passed over” the houses of the Israelites marked with the blood of a sacrificed lamb and only took the Egyptians’ firstborns. But that’s just one of the many acts of God in the story of the Exodus. Why not call the holiday after the more glamorous miracle of the sea parting? Or maybe we could have called it “Exodus,” which captures just about the entire story. Why Passover?

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The Importance of Passover

Coming to us from one of The Fellowship's food distribution centers in Israel, Yael discusses the importance of this holy season, including teaching on matzah, "the bread of affliction."

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Seder plate

Our Passover Journey

The Fellowship's Ami Farkas writes about the importance of passing along the meaning of Passover - and in turn passing along faith - to the next generation.

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“I Am All Alone”

Watch this Holocaust survivor’s story right now on Facebook

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