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Faces of The Fellowship: Mikhail

Mikhail, 71, once had a good job as a radio technician, a family, and a secure home to return to at the end of the day in Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union (FSU). Today, Mikhail is divorced and has little contact with his sons. Retired and barely able to support himself on his tiny pension, Mikhail spends his days in a house that is falling apart. Learn what The Fellowship is doing to help.

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Our Neighbors Graffitied Our Synagogue — With Love

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat shares how it felt to have her synagogue in western Massachusetts graffitied in love. In these troubling times after the Pittsburgh shooting, people from her community decorated the synagogue with signs saying “We Support You,” and notes of love – sending a strong message that she is “surrounded by allies.”

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The Blessing of Voting

The first time that I participated in elections as a citizen of Israel, I was moved to tears. I thought about my grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors, and how they and their families were at the mercy of another nation. . .

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