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The Best Hummus in Israel?

Hummus is arguably the food Israel is most well-known for. But, like pizza or barbeque in the U.S., there are regional differences in the way this popular food is made – and just as many opinions on the best place to find it. Watch as these Israelis share their passion for the chickpea spread that helped put Israeli food on the map.

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Florida Bridge Collapse, March 15, 2018

Prayer Alert: Bridge in Florida Collapses

Please pray for all those affected by this tragedy – that those injured will be swiftly healed, that those who have lost loved ones will be comforted, and that first responders will be kept safe as they work tirelessly to rescue those in distress.

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There’s Something About Matzah!

Do you know how the original, unleavened Passover bread – matzah – was made? Our friends at The Nosher explore the origins of matzah, as well as the Jewish communities around the world who still make this unleavened bread from scratch.

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