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Israeli Breakthrough Offers New Hope to People With Sleep Disorders

If you’re one of the 22 million Americans that the American Sleep Apnea Association estimates are suffering from the condition, it’s likely you’ve had an overnight test in a sleep lab hooked up to uncomfortable tubes and wires. Thankfully, new Israeli technology is offering hope for wider and less invasive diagnoses with a device that can detect sleep disorders while you’re awake, at home, and not hooked up to any machines.

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Project Spotlight: An MRI Machine for Hadassah Medical Center

The Fellowship has supported Hadassah Medical Center for many years, giving this respected hospital the funds to purchase equipment and build facilities to provide the very best care for the residents of Jerusalem and the surrounding communities. We recently donated another $1 million to Hadassah for the purchase of an MRI machine.

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Torah study

Monday Devotional: The Whole of the Parts

Which is more important – the whole or its parts? We all know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but it is equally true that the value of the whole is completely determined by the value of its parts. So which is more important? Todays' Torah portion offers some perspective on this question we face every day.

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Freedom Flight pilot_14520064

A Freedom Flight Pilot Shares His Inspiring Perspective

A recent Fellowship Freedom Flight took 170 new olim (immigrants) from Ukraine to Israel to begin a new life away from the continued violence and unrest in their homeland. Emmanuel Rosenzweig was the pilot of that flight, and shared with The Fellowship his impressions of that momentous journey.

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Why Jews’ Names Are Etched Onto Sidewalks Across Europe

You have to look closely, but across European cities you can find small brass plates with just a bit of information – a name, a date, and a fate – that pop up between cobblestones. The plaques – which commemorate those murdered by the Nazis – are placed where the person used to live or work. They serve as a powerful reminder of the lives lost.

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Build Your Passover Box Today

Give special blessings to destitute Jews by building your own customized food box!

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Tel Aviv Lifeguard Tower Turned Into 5-star Hotel

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