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Torah study

Monday Devotional: The God of Our Salvation

This week’s Torah portion is a double reading. The first section is called Tazria which means “to conceive” as in: “A woman who becomes pregnant . . .” The second selection is called Metzora which means “diseased,” as in: “These are the regulations for any diseased person . . .” (Leviticus 14:2). The Jewish sages teach that these portions, which are read on the same Sabbath on most years, have a deep connection. But what could possibly be the connection between giving birth and being diseased?

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We Remember, We Act

Remembering Holocaust survivors is important, but it is not enough. We must act now to help the last remaining Holocaust survivors who are living in poverty. 

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Fellowship Hotline Helps Elderly Woman Celebrate Passover

The Fellowship Hotline, launched just last year, provides anyone in need in Israel a place to call to get help. This year during Passover, the number of requests for assistance tripled. The Hotline received 400 calls a day! One generous donation allowed us to help an elderly woman celebrate the Passover seder in dignity.

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein with Hanna, a Holocaust survivor

From Remembrance to Action

The Fellowship's latest global campaign, as Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, aims to move from Holocaust commemoration towards action that helps impoverished Holocaust survivors.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Anastasia, Leonid, Sofia, Mykyta

Faces of The Fellowship: Anastasia, Leonid, Sofia, and Mykyta

Anastasia, 31, planned to spend her whole life in Donetsk, Ukraine, a place she knew was home. “It was what we knew and things were going very well,” she says. “Then the war came.” The ongoing conflict between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces caused unrest and violence in her neighborhood. She could hear shelling in the distance as she took her 10-month-old son, Mykyta, and 2-year-old daughter, Sofia, to school and nursery. She and her husband, Leonid, 37, worried about the future of their country. Learn how The Fellowship helped . . .

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“I Am All Alone”

Watch this Holocaust survivor’s story right now on Facebook

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