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Tadeusz Gebethner and his soccer team

The Game of His Life

Tadeusz Gebethner was a Polish soccer player who, during the Holocaust, considered saving Jews his obligation, and who died from wounds suffered while fighting the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising.

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Artur Kravchik, teenage boy in gray sweatshirt riding in bus, waving his hand, smile.

Project Spotlight: Fellowship-supported World ORT

World ORT, a group of Fellowship-funded Jewish schools throughout the former Soviet Union (FSU), estimates that 20 percent of students wouldn’t be able to attend their schools without The Fellowship funding their hot meals, bus rides, and school security systems. Recently, we received this heartfelt thank-you letter from a grateful student in Odessa, Ukraine.

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12,000 Strangers Celebrate Israel's 70th Anniversary with Song

In celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary last week, 12,000 Israelis (all strangers before this project!) joined together to sing “Al Kol Eleh” (“Over All of These”). This unique performance included the Jerusalem Street Orchestra, popular Israeli singer Shlomi Shabat, and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. Enjoy!

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