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An Israeli bus arrived near the border with Jabaliya; shortly after passengers exited the bus, the bus was hit by an anti-tank missile fire from the Gaza Strip. An Israeli man who was standing near the front of the bus was seriously injured, and it being operated on at Soroka hospital.

Schlepping Into the Safe Room?

Recently, a ceasefire was reached after terrorists in Gaza fired more than 400 rockets at Israel in just 24 hours. While we are grateful, we also know that Israelis must always be on guard for attacks. Writing at the Times of Israel, Ruth Lieberman shares what it’s like to be a concerned mother in Israel.

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green bean casserole

Green Bean Casserole’s Jewish Roots

Did you know that this classic Thanksgiving dish actually has Jewish roots? Find out more about Cecily Brownstone, a Jewish, Canadian-born food editor, who brought this delicious dish to the holiday table in the 1950s.

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FOTF Svetlana

Faces of The Fellowship: Svetlana

Svetlana was just a young girl when World War II erupted. Born in Moscow, she witnessed her father relocate to Latvia for his work as a military journalist. He was then sent to Orenburg and the family never heard from him again. Find out how The Fellowship helps her today.

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