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Yael FB Live, April 17, 2018

From Mourning to Celebration

As Israel prepares to observe its Memorial Day and celebrate its 70th Independence Day, Yael comes to us from the Holy Land to discuss the spiritual meaning of these two days.

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A Musical Celebration that the People of Israel Live

We love this video featuring 600 Holocaust survivors and their family members singing the song “Chai” (“Life” in Hebrew) together in haunting, moving harmony. On the heels of Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, yesterday, what a fitting celebration that the people of Israel live!

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Yael Eckstein at Babi Yar Holocaust memorial

Reflection and Remembrance

As the sun sets in the Holy Land and Yom HaShoah begins, Yael talks about what this solemn day means to her, to her family, and to the Jewish people.

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Passover's Eternal Message

Coming to us from the Holy Land, Yael takes a look at this ancient biblical celebration and talks about its meaning for us - Christians and Jews alike - today.

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Yael Delivers Food for Passover

Israelis in need hope and pray that someone will bring them food this Passover season. Watch as Yael Eckstein explains how The Fellowship and our wonderful donors are answering this prayer for Passover, which begins the evening of March 30.

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