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full moon

10 Awe-Inspiring Full-Moon Hikes in Israel

Are you in the mood for some night hiking under a full moon? Israel has some of the most beautiful hiking paths that you can experience under the moonlight. Our friends at Israel21c tell us their top 10 favorites.

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Tel Aviv Hosts 25,000 Visitors in “World’s Largest Sukkah”

Tel Aviv is hosting the world’s largest sukkah, which takes eight days to assemble, for the fifth year in a row! The sukkah (the singular form of sukkot) consists of four walls made of wood, canvas, or other material. To celebrate Sukkot, Jews eat meals in the sukkah, which becomes a colorful gathering place for family and friends.

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Piano Jaffa

Social Piano Experiment Has Jerusalem Passersby All Keyed Up

If you get a chance to stop by Jaffa Street in Israel this fall, you might get to hear a live piano performance by someone in the community! Thanks to the latest musical project by Cadenza Piano, anyone who wants to share their piano skills can simply use the grand piano open to the public. We love watching all the latest performances, like the cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

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