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Lesser-Known, Equally Amazing Tourist Destinations in Israel

Israel is an amazing destination for any traveler, full of historic and spiritual sites at every turn. With so much to take in, the last thing you want is to spend extra time battling crowds and waiting in lines. Thankfully, the folks at Israel21c compiled a list of locations throughout Israel that aren’t as well known, but are certainly worth your time.

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New Exhibit Brings King David to Life in Jerusalem

King David is one of the better known and beloved figures in both Christian and Jewish history. He is the boy who bravely killed Goliath with a slingshot and stone, the writer who speaks to our souls from the pages of the Psalms, the man who sinned with Bathsheba but sought God’s redemption, the king of Israel who first made Jerusalem its capital. And on April 1, King David will assume his larger-than-life persona quite literally in a new nighttime exhibit at Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum.

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The Best Hummus in Israel?

Hummus is arguably the food Israel is most well-known for. But, like pizza or barbeque in the U.S., there are regional differences in the way this popular food is made – and just as many opinions on the best place to find it. Watch as these Israelis share their passion for the chickpea spread that helped put Israeli food on the map.

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