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Fellowship Homecare Workers Love What They Do

Each day Olga, 63, feels blessed to have a job she loves – caring for the elderly as a Fellowship-supported Hesed homecare worker. While it is never easy to work with those who are often suffering with illness and loneliness, and dealing with the symptoms of aging, she likes the challenge of trying to connect with her patients in a meaningful way. 

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The Holocaust: Who Are the Missing Million?

Since 1954, specialists at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, have been working to track all the 6 million Holocaust victims and their stories. They reach out to the Jewish community, survivors, or family members of the victims to add to their ever growing collection of photos and stories – as displayed in the Hall of Names – so that no one will be forgotten. As Holocaust survivors continue to pass away, they are working harder than ever to identify the remaining victims.

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