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Helping Yosef Rebuild His Life

After a construction company destroyed half of Yosef’s home in Moldova, he’s trying to rebuild his life with what he has left. Thankfully, he can rely on The Fellowship.

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A Mom in Need Calls the Fellowship Crisis Hotline

When Talya, 42, realized she couldn’t afford to send her son to a school for gifted and outstanding children, she felt heartbroken. She didn’t want to hold her son back just because she couldn’t afford this wonderful opportunity. So she called the Fellowship Crisis Hotline.

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Aliyah couple

A Jewish Grandma Reunites with Her Grandsons in Israel

“It will be wonderful to live close to our grandsons and enjoy the rest of our lives together with our loved ones,” says 58-year-old Tetiana who just arrived in Israel on a Fellowship Freedom Flight with her husband Alexander, 61. The couple made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Ukraine to join their daughter and two grandsons who live in Haifa. They also moved to escape war-torn Ukraine.

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