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Let's Make a Plum Tart for Rosh Hashanah !

Typically, desserts baked for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, will use honey or apples as ingredients because dipping an apple in honey symbolizes the hope for a sweet new year! But sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and try new fruits to celebrate this special holiday.

Let's Make Borscht!

Jews have been cooking borscht for hundreds of years. This soup became popular across Eastern Europe during the 16th century when beets were cheap and easy to find. Today, you will see this soup served in Jewish restaurants around the world. You can enjoy borscht either warm or chilled. Enjoy!

Let's Make Stuffed Vegetables!

Stuffed vegetable dishes can be found in many restaurants and on family dinner tables throughout the Middle East, but the flavors and spices used vary between regions. Learn how to make traditional stuffed vegetables like you would find in Jerusalem with Joan Nathan, a food columnist and cook who loves the flavors of the Old City!

Let's Make Frosty Limonana!

Limonana is made up of lemons, sugar, and lots of mint leaves! It tastes similar to frozen lemonade, but with a minty flavor added. It's popular all throughout Israel and some call it the official drink of the country!

Let's Make Apricot Pistachio Babka!

Who wouldn't love a dessert roll made by twisting cinnamon and chocolate filled dough? Babka is a favorite in Jewish bakeries around the world. This recipe swaps out the cinnamon and chocolate filling, though, for sweet apricots and pistachios!


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