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Lokshen Kugel

Let’s Make Lokshen Kugel!

Lokshen Kugel means “noodle pudding” in Yiddish. It originated in Eastern Europe where the Jewish community spoke that language. This item falls into the category of “grandma's dishes.”

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Let’s Make Kebob!

A classic Middle Eastern dish. There is hardly a restaurant in Israel which does not feature kebob at the head of its menu.

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Let’s Make Sponge Cake!

This is the traditional cake of Israel - and it is exceedingly popular. This cake appears in many shades and is covered in a variety of ways. A typical method involves cutting the cake horizontally in two and covering it with fresh strawberries (for which Israel is famous), jelly and whipped cream.

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Baba Ganouj

Let's Make Baba Ghanouj!

In Israel, it is not unusual for guests to drop in for a visit without prior notice. In such cases, they are likely to get a light snack, like baba ghanouj, which can be found in virtually every Israeli refrigerator.

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