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Let’s Make Chocolate Tahini Cake!

Tahini is a popular Israeli spread made out of crushed sesame seeds. Try this recipe brought to you by Molly Yeh and The Jewish Week that combines nutty tahini with chocolate to make delicious mini cakes!

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Let’s Make Grilled Cheese Latkes!

Latkes are a special Jewish treat that are usually prepared for Hanukkah, but you can make them all year round. Try this recipe that takes traditional latkes and turns them into delicious, cheesy sandwiches. 

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Let's Make Leek Meat Patties!

Jews from Macedonia enjoy frying up these delicious patties. Locally, they are known as leek kofta, and are typically made with lamb, beef, or potatoes and cheese. Watch as Joan Nathan, Tablet Magazine’s food columnist, shows us how to make these savory patties for the holidays!

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Let’s Make Green Bean Casserole!

Did you know that this classic Thanksgiving dish actually has Jewish roots? Find out more about Cecily Brownstone, a Jewish, Canadian-born food editor, who brought this delicious dish to the holiday table in the 1950s.

Let’s Make Wheatberry, Sweet Potato, and Pomegranate Salad!

Pomegranates are one of the seven fruits of Israel as mentioned in the Bible, and during the fall, you will see many people purchasing pomegranates all over Israel! But you don’t have to eat them plain. This week’s recipe combines wheatberries, sweet potatoes, and pomegranate to make a tasty side dish.


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