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Let’s Make Matzah Brei for Passover!

Passover is only a week away! Jews around the world will start preparing for the holiday, and one way to prepare is to start planning Passover dishes. Our friends at The Nosher show us how to make matzah brei, also called fried matzah.

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There’s Something About Matzah!

Do you know how the original, unleavened Passover bread – matzah – was made? Our friends at The Nosher explore the origins of matzah, as well as the Jewish communities around the world who still make this unleavened bread from scratch.

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Let’s Make Hamantaschen for Purim!

On Purim, Jews are commanded to send out gifts of food or drink, and to make gifts to charity. The sending of gifts of food and drink is referred to as shalach manot (Hebrew for “sending out portions”). Among Ashkenazic Jews, a common treat at this time of year is hamantaschen (or Haman's pockets). These triangular fruit-filled cookies are supposed to represent Haman's three-cornered hat.

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Let’s Make Chraime!

Chraime is a spicy fish meal prepared almost every Friday night for Shabbat dinner by many North African Jews – but this dish is also pretty popular in Israel as well. Joan Nathan, Tablet Magazine’s food columnist, shows us how to prepare this delicious meal and also says you can prepare it ahead of time and eat at room temperature later.

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