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Matzah ball soup

Let’s Make Minestrone Soup with Matzah Balls for Passover!

Here’s another recipe brought to you by The Fellowship’s own Rachel Katzman – healthy food lover, kosher recipe creator, and Fellowship staff member! As Jews prepare to celebrate Passover beginning the evening of March 30, they will clean their homes to make sure no leavened bread remains, making room for the unleavened Passover bread, matzah, which is featured in Rachel’s Passover dish!

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Let’s Make Matzah Brei for Passover!

Passover is only a week away! Jews around the world will start preparing for the holiday, and one way to prepare is to start planning Passover dishes. Our friends at The Nosher show us how to make matzah brei, also called fried matzah.

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There’s Something About Matzah!

Do you know how the original, unleavened Passover bread – matzah – was made? Our friends at The Nosher explore the origins of matzah, as well as the Jewish communities around the world who still make this unleavened bread from scratch.

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