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carrot salad

Let's Make Carrot Salad!

Carrot salad is easy to make and refreshing. When Israelis abroad long for their homeland, they recall the incomparable tastes of Israel's fruits and vegetables.

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Let’s Make Butternut Squash Kibbeh!

Kibbeh is a popular dish in Middle Eastern Christian communities, as kibbeh is a vegetarian recipe that can be served for Lent! However, it can be made all year round, and this version brought to us by Greg Malouf (popular Middle Eastern Chef) is perfect in the summer when butternut squash is readily available.

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Israeli salad

Let’s Make Israeli Salad!

The idea of salad for breakfast is probably a little strange to North Americans. But this trademark Mediterranean salad is enjoyed by Israelis three times a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - regardless of whether they are from Russia, Morocco, Yemen, or the United States.

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fruit salad

Let's Make Fruit Salad!

The abundance of fresh fruit in Israel, ripe from the fields and orchards, makes fruit salads a natural choice. After a good meal, nothing is more refreshing than this cool dessert.

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