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Fellowship Bridge Blog - Project spotlight

Fellowship Bridge Blog

Project Spotlight: World ORT Thanks Rabbi Eckstein and Fellowship Friends!

The Fellowship continues to fund hot meals, bus rides, and school security systems for school children who attend World ORT schools in the former Soviet Union (FSU). We received this touching video from the children who benefit from this program. World ORT estimates that 20 percent of students wouldn’t be able to attend ORT schools without The Fellowship’s aid and commitment.

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Azimut Graduation Ceremony

Project Spotlight: Azimut Program

Like many young Israeli-born Ethiopians whose parents risked their lives to journey to the Holy Land, Opher was raised with a great sense of responsibility to make a successful life for himself in Israel. Find out how The Fellowship helps young adults like Opher reach their career dreams through our Azimut program!

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Project Spotlight: Eilat Youth Center

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein visited Eilat, Israel, to attend the dedication ceremony of the newest Fellowship House Youth Center. This Fellowship House will keep youth engaged in meaningful experiences. They will also receive regular guidance from mentors, so they may have a bright future ahead of them.

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