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IFCJ-donated fire truck

Project Spotlight: Fellowship Assistance During the Israeli Wildfires

The recent wildfires in Israel caused an estimated $520 million in property damages, injured hundreds of citizens, and caused tens of thousands of residents to flee their homes as flames were approaching. Fortunately, no deaths were linked to the fires, but at least 600 homes and some 32,000 acres of natural woodlands were destroyed. The Fellowship responded immediately to help meet the huge needs. 

Azimut graduates

Project Spotlight: Azimut Mentoring Program

The Fellowship-supported Azimut program reaches out to young adults who need help finding their way in life. The focus is on 21- to 35-year-olds with an emphasis on Ethiopian youth who are struggling financially. Fellowship mentors help these young adults get on track to financial independence and map out a plan for their future.


Project Spotlight: Hesed Centers

In Hebrew, hesed (or chesed) means lovingkindness, and offering this kind of care to those in need is one of the central tenets of Judaism. Throughout the former Soviet Union, Fellowship-supported Hesed Centers, a network of offices offering social services, have been providing lifesaving care to Jewish communities in need for years.

RYE and Yael at Yad B'Yad Soup Kitchen

Project Spotlight: Yad B'Yad Soup Kitchen

Yad B'Yad (which means "hand in hand") caters to the needs of the most desperate citizens of Israel — Holocaust survivors, single parents, handicapped veterans, lonely elderly, and new immigrants. Without this critical aid, supported by funds from The Fellowship's generous donors, these recipients would be without help and hope.

Barzilai Maternity Ward Reinforcement

Project Spotlight: Reinforced Maternity Ward at Barzilai Medical Center

During 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, launched by Israel to stop the barrage of rocket attacks from terrorists in Gaza, officials at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon (located eight miles north of Gaza) faced the challenge of keeping their patients healthy and safe in an unprotected building. They felt this challenge event more acutely after a rocket exploded on their grounds. They were especially concerned about the pregnant women bringing new life into the world in their unfortified maternity ward.


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