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Ethiopian children, young boys, playing on the floor at after-school program.

Project Spotlight: Afikim

The Fellowship-funded Afikim program assists over 500 disadvantaged Israeli children in grades 1-5 across four different cities. At these centers, the kids receive a hot meal, academic help, life-skills classes, and activities such as music and art. When The Fellowship’s Ami Farkas recently visited one of Afikim’s afternoon centers, he was encouraged by the care provided to these children in need.

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group of men sitting in a circle in the desert, talking discussion, counseling.

Project Spotlight: Retorno

Many combat soldiers who were discharged from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) suffer with emotional distress, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), years after their combat service. Find out how the Fellowship-supported Retorno project helps these soldiers cope with their condition.

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Student volunteers in black tshirts working the soup kitchen, the

Project Spotlight: Reut School Soup Kitchen

The Fellowship supports nearly 30 soup kitchens throughout Israel, but only one is completely run by student volunteers: The Fellowship-supported Reut School Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem. Find out all the ways The Fellowship continues to support this special student-run project.

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