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Project Spotlight: WIZO Schools

The Fellowship-supported WIZO schools provide the very best education to more than 5,500 young Israelis between the ages of 12-18. Many of these young people come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and many struggle with social and educational challenges.

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IDF gift cards

Project Spotlight: Rosh Hashanah Gift Cards for Needy Soldiers

The Israeli government does what it can to care for her soldiers, but because of the threats she faces, Israel’s defense budget is stretched to its limit. Often soldiers simply don’t have enough money for extra holiday expenses. But thanks to our donors, over 12,000 soldiers in need, including lone soldiers, have received Fellowship gift cards for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

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Joelle Eckstein and RYE pouring honey on apples with young children, youth, young girls.

Project Spotlight: Rabbi Eckstein Celebrates Rosh Hashanah with French Olim!

Jews will officially celebrate Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year, this Wednesday, September 20 at sundown. During this special time of year, it is customary to dip apples in honey at mealtime and recite the prayer, “May it be thy will that we be blessed with a good, sweet year.” In the photo above, Rabbi Eckstein celebrates the holiday by following this tradition with new French immigrants who just arrived in the Holy Land!

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Project Spotlight: the ALUT Fellowship House

The Fellowship House is a home-for-life for 24 young adults with autism, ranging in age from 18 to 28, who function at varying levels. Some of them break all of the stereotypes associated with autism – they interact with their environment and they're independent in many areas of life. Learn how the Fellowship house helps those living there, as well as their families.

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