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God’s Little Alarm Clock

This year, my wife and I welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family. He smiles whenever our eyes make contact, and laughs whenever we rub his chubby belly. No words or actions can ever express the gratitude we feel toward God for this blessing. As it turns out, our bundle of joy loves to show off his roaring voice every morning at around four o’clock.

IDF soldiers in Yonit's backyard

Terror in My Backyard

Yonit Rothchild, a writer with The Fellowship in Israel, shares her personal experience of a recent terror attack in the Holy Land. 

Meter of Manure Confirms 1,500-Year-Old Stable

Archaeologists dug through a meter-thick layer of organic material (i.e. a thick layer of donkey, sheep, and goat manure) to find a stable over 1,500 years old. Researchers think the area was destroyed by an earthquake, but uncovered the containers used to feed the stable animals. 

Jerusalem’s 10th Israel Medical Conference Promotes Disease Prevention

The conference discussed that for low-income families and individuals, buying healthful foods can be too expensive for them to afford. Staying away from processed foods and sugar isn’t just a matter of will power, sometimes it also depends on your financial situation and the foods available to you. A Fellowship representative who attended the event commented that The Fellowship continues to hand out grants to those struggling with food insecurities.


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