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Fellowship Bridge Blog

Sigd 2018

Celebrating Sigd This Week in Israel

For centuries, the Ethiopian Jews have celebrated their Jewish faith and roots in a unique holiday, known as Sigd, which means “prostration” or “worship” in Amharic. When Ethiopian Jews started celebrating Sigd in Ethiopia, they would pray to God and plead to return to Zion. Today, it celebrates that they are finally home in Israel!

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Getty voting pic

The Blessing of Voting

The first time that I participated in elections as a citizen of Israel, I was moved to tears. I thought about my grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors, and how they and their families were at the mercy of another nation. . .

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Ami Farkas building

Can You Build a Sukkah on a Boat or on Top of a Camel?

The Jewish holiday Sukkot begins this Monday, and Jews will inhabit sukkah, or temporary shelters that remind them of the huts the Israelites lived in during their 40 years of wandering in the desert. Our friends at Israel21c tell us about a unique sukkah display going on now in Israel.

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