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Sderot fires_14589074

Dealing with the New Normal in Sderot

When terrorists in Gaza started flying fiery kites over the border into Israel, raining down danger and destruction, it underscored that terror is a constant in Israel – and an ever-evolving one. Merav Blum, a college student in Israel, has experienced this truth firsthand. When Merav first moved to the Israeli city of Sderot to attend college, it was a place of relative peace. Several months ago that changed. Red alert sirens warning of incoming rockets and the smell of burning fields are now her regular realities. In a moving essay in The Times of Israel, she grapples with her new normal.

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Barkat hangs embassy sign_14584614

My New Neighbor: The United States Embassy in Jerusalem

I live in Arnona, a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood in southern Jerusalem. Up until a month ago, the U.S. Consulate building, located on the next street, was a quiet, unobtrusive building in the neighborhood. A small white sign pointing the way was the only hint that the consulate was here. That is, until the consulate turned into the United States Embassy in Jerusalem and history was made.

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Lag B'Omer celebration_14362357

The Light of Lag B’Omer

As a child growing up in America, the Jewish holiday Lag B’Omer was just a minor holiday. We had school on that day, but it was an extra fun day, usually in a park, and if we were lucky, we attended a bonfire at night. Certain names and customs were associated with the day, but although I had an excellent Jewish education, I had a very poor grasp on what the day was all about. Then I moved to Israel . . .

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