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Israeli Breakthrough Offers New Hope to People With Sleep Disorders

If you’re one of the 22 million Americans that the American Sleep Apnea Association estimates are suffering from the condition, it’s likely you’ve had an overnight test in a sleep lab hooked up to uncomfortable tubes and wires. Thankfully, new Israeli technology is offering hope for wider and less invasive diagnoses with a device that can detect sleep disorders while you’re awake, at home, and not hooked up to any machines.

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Why Tel Aviv Is the City of the Future

While city life has many advantages and serves many people at once with public transportation, restaurants and tourist attractions, and apartment complexes, this can create an overflow of waste. Tel Aviv has solutions to these efficiency problems that most big cities face today.

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Israeli Invention Offers Computerized Companionship for the Elderly

From The Fellowship’s extensive work caring for elderly people in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and in other places around the world, we know that isolation and loneliness can be some of the biggest challenges for older populations. That’s why we’re especially intrigued by a new Israeli invention that acts as a computerized companion to older people who live alone.

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Give special blessings to destitute Jews by building your own customized food box!

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