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Celebrating History's Reversal in Rome

My husband and I took the trip to Rome this spring in honor of his birthday. I had searched for a place with rich Jewish history, one of my husband’s great passions, and also good kosher food. Rome fit the bill and, with its short three-hour flight from Israel, made for the perfect quick getaway. The first thing we saw when we arrived at our hotel in Rome was a fountain. Rome is filled with fountains, but this one in particular, as we would later learn, has a special link to Rome’s Jewish community.

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The Fellowship Wishes You a Happy Memorial Day!

The Bridge blog is suspending activity Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day. We’ll return on Tuesday to bring you more updates from the Holy Land. In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful holiday, and let us remember all the heroes who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom.

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8 Fun Facts About Shavuot in Israel

Israelis will celebrate Shavuot this Sunday, and will eat cheesecake, celebrate their harvest, and study from the Torah. Our friends at Israel21c share eight fun facts about the holiday! And you can learn more on The Fellowship’s Shavuot resource page here.

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