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Torah study

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Today is Simchat Torah, the Jewish holiday that marks the beginning and ending of the annual cycle of Torah readings that take place in synagogues around the world. How much do you know about the Torah? Do you know what the word Torah means? Who was it given to? Take our Torah quiz to test your knowledge – and learn more about the Torah’s centrality in Judaism.

Jerusalem's Third Wall remains

Evidence Unearthed of Jerusalem's Third Wall

Before the Roman destruction of Jerusalem’s Second Temple in 70 C.E., there was a so-called “third wall” circling the Holy City. Remains of a tower jutting from this wall were first uncovered last year during construction on the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem’s Russian Compound.

25 New Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed

New fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls might contain writings from the book of Nehemiah, which will be a new addition to the many other books from the Bible already discovered by researchers.


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