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Faces of The Fellowship: Lena

How do you carry on a normal life after experiencing the horrors of the Holocaust? Lena was just a child when the Nazis stormed her village in Ukraine, but she remembers it vividly. "During the war we hid from the Germans in cellars,” she recalls. “I remember how the Jews were taken and shot.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Marina

Marina believed her husband, Anton, was out of control. While Marina cared for their two young children, Anton would stay out late drinking. Then he’d come home intoxicated and angry. Find out how The Fellowship helped Marina in her time of need.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Galina

Though she is now 76, Galina still vividly remembers when the Nazis stormed into her family’s home in Ukraine when she was just a young girl. "They entered our home where we laid still under the beds. We were so scared,” she recalls. “They took our food and left. I asked my mother why they kill young children. She didn't answer me.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Ala

Though Ala has fond childhood memories of her mother teaching her how to bake challah and matzah, she has dark memories as well. Ala and her family survived the Holocaust by hiding from the Nazis in the forest just outside their Ukrainian town.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Andrei

Andrei is a happy child in a large Russian family that has very little money to go around. Most of his parents’ income goes to pay for his therapy and psychological help. "I know that I give more of everything to Andrei and therefore the other children suffer,” says his mother. “But Andrei cannot function without therapy." Learn how The Fellowship stepped in to help. 

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