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Faces of The Fellowship: Rostik

Sergei had poured his heart and soul into building a small business in western Russia, and then it went bankrupt. When this happened, Sergei immediately worried about his 6-year-old son, Rostik. Sergei and his wife had spent most of their earnings on getting medical care for Rostik, who needs . . . 

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Yosef and RYE_14620242

Faces of The Fellowship: Yosef

Yosef is an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor from Morocco. He fought in four of Israel's wars – the War of Independence, the Sinai War, the Six Day War, and the Yom Kippur War, during which he was injured. Today, Yosef lives in a public-housing apartment that was renovated by a Fellowship volunteer. 

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FOTF Eva, Mila, and Anya

Faces of The Fellowship: Eva, Mila, and Anya

At home, Eva spent time playing outside with her younger sisters Mila and Anya. When it was too cold to go outside, the girls drew pictures around the wood stove. Then war broke out in eastern Ukraine, near their neighborhood, and everything changed.

Find out how The Fellowship was able to help.

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