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Fellowship Bridge Blog - Faces of the fellowship

Fellowship Bridge Blog

FOTF Svetlana

Faces of The Fellowship: Svetlana

Svetlana was just a young girl when World War II erupted. Born in Moscow, she witnessed her father relocate to Latvia for his work as a military journalist. He was then sent to Orenburg and the family never heard from again. Find out how The Fellowship helps her today.

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Faces of The Fellowship: Mikhail

Mikhail, 71, once had a good job as a radio technician, a family, and a secure home to return to at the end of the day in Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union (FSU). Today, Mikhail is divorced and has little contact with his sons. Retired and barely able to support himself on his tiny pension, Mikhail spends his days in a house that is falling apart. Learn what The Fellowship is doing to help.

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FOTF Iana and Dennis

Faces of The Fellowship: Iana and Dennis

Iana and Dennis fell in love in a warzone. In 2014, people living in the Donetsk region of Ukraine – including Iana and Dennis – watched in horror as pro-Russian militants invaded, trying to capture their city. Many Ukrainians rebelled. This hostile environment seemed devoid of hope or happiness – but thankfully Iana and Dennis found both in each other.

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